The Dublin Painting and Sketching Club, 140th Annual Exhibition Monday 16th April to Sunday 29st April 2018

The Dublin Painting and Sketching Club The Dublin Painting and Sketching Club was founded in 1874 by professional and amateur artists, supported by non-painting members who had a strong interest in visual art. Their inaugural meeting was held in the Westland Row home of Dr. W. Booth Pearsall HRHA. Had the founders looked north from an upstairs window, they could have seen the Stack A Warehouse, then the largest interior space in Dublin. They might even have thought of holding their first exhibition there. Instead they chose the Clarendon Horse Repository and Riding School, at the back of Trinity College. Later, the Club exhibited in No. 25 Molesworth St., formerly the Queen’s Institute for Educated Women. It was there that the inclusion of Whistler’s Portrait of my Mother produced the famously rowdy exhibition of 1884. During the 20th century, Annual Exhibitions were held in di erent parts of the city. For a time they were in the Irish Life building in Abbey Street. But, eventually, it became impossible to find suitable locations and, from 1998 to 2017, the Club exhibited in the spacious Concourse Gallery of Dun Laoghaire/ Rathdown County Hall. The Concourse was a wonderful, welcoming location... However, we are happy to return to the City centre and, finally, get to exhibit in the Stack A Warehouse – now beautifully restored and known as CHQ. It has not been an easy transition. In many ways the Club is reinventing itself, yet again. But, facing such challenges is always invigorating and our members are energised by the prospect of finding new subjects, new ways of working and a new audience to engage with. As part of this process of re-invigoration, we are pleased to include, for the third time, over 30 works from invited or “Open Submission” artists. This initiative enhances each annual exhibition and allows us to welcome the next generation of painters to the Club. They and we are proud of the DP&SC’s long tradition and look with confidence to a vibrant future. T 2